The HCG Diet Drops Method – An Effective Natural Hormone Treatment for Dieting

Yes, millions of people struggle with the effort to lose weight and live healthier lives every single year.  This isn’t a surprise to us that have tried.  Losing weight permanently is next to impossible, as your body actively fights against you all along the way.  There’s no easy one size fits all solution, but physicians and researchers have spent decades so far trying to tackle these important questions.  Dr. Simeons, a noted researcher in the 1960s, found that the HCG hormone, which is produced by women naturally every month, actually delivers huge results for dieters rather quickly after use.  The hCG diet plan has been used by literally tens of millions of dieters since that time, on average providing at least 1 pound of weight loss per day during phase 2 of the protocol.

How Does This Diet and The Hormone Work

The HCG diet is broken up into three distinct phases, each with a specific goal in mind.  HCG is taken daily, either through injections or through oral drops placed under the tongue.  HCG boosts the brain’s hypothalamus production, increasing metabolism and significantly decreasing appetite.  This is the only known substance to work in this way, this hormone delivers rapid fat loss through a unique mechanism, and it’s designed around rapid success.

HCG Rapid Success ProgramPhase one of the HCG protocol is the loading phase where a person eats foods high in fat and low in carbs for a period of two or three days.  During this period you’re taking the hormone each day as normal throughout the diet, however, you are eating foods that are high in fat.  These include things such as pork, beef, avocados, natural oils, vegetables, eggs, cheese, etc.  This helps free up the stored fat in your body, and allow it to be burned during the next phase.  Phase two of the protocol lasts up to 57 days on the modern method, and involves cutting calories to 500 to 700 calories per day.  This is typically not possible, but the hormone makes it so due to its unique metabolic and appetite effects.  This results in an average weight lose rate of around 5 pounds a week during this period.  No other things, like exercise or daily workout routines are required (though they are encouraged).

How To Choose Between Drops and Injections

There are benefits to both injections and HCG drops as part of the diet.  Taking the drops and placing them under your tongue is obviously easier to do than injecting yourself with specifically mixed product, however, it requires doing so several times per day, every single day.  Injections are given as little as 4 times per week.  Injections are also highly effective, requiring a slightly smaller dosage for the same results.  There are some downsides, however, such as cost, pain of administration and requiring a doctor’s prescription.

HCG drops do not typically require any prescription so long as they are premixed.  Mixing it yourself from purified powders will require one, but otherwise, they can be purchased over the counter.  Sadly, this has not meant that any drops based solution you buy is going to be the real thing (in fact, nearly all are not).  Many manufacturers out there are marketing “hormone-free” amino acid cocktails as if they were the real hormone.  Real hormone products are supplied as well, but are hard to locate.  One of the most well known is HCG plus drops, who have supplied their real hormone solution to hundreds of thousands of dieters thus far.  These are not the only products out there that are real, but they are indeed extremely rare.

Injections are a great choice, but are expensive (ranging from the mid $100 range to thousands per regimen) and painful.  HCG drops actually represent a really great alternative to this, which is why they’ve become so widely adopted in recent years.  For that reason, most people on this diet, have chosen to go the oral droplet route.

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