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A Popular Treatment from Doctor Oz – Raspberry Ketones

Over 200 different molecules give raspberries their unique flavor, one of these being what’s known as the raspberry ketone.  This particular molecule was singled out decades ago given that has a particular odor.  Many things today that smell like raspberries such as candles, soaps or various candies likely use this molecule.  In recent years much public attention has been given to raspberry ketones, but for their weight loss properties instead.

The same molecule that’s found in raspberries is also found in cranberries or blackberries, known as the species Rosaceae Rubus Ideaus.  Red raspberries are formed in the United States, North America, Europe and Northern Africa.  Contains several other nutrients that are important such as vitamins A, E and C as well as beta-carotene.  Naturally there only trace amounts of raspberry ketones found in the fruit itself, typically the flavoring agents actually come from laboratory settings.

Scientists began noticing that raspberry ketones similar structure to capsaicin, this ingredient is found in chili peppers and has been linked in the past to weight loss.  Once this was discovered, researchers spent significant resources looking at his interactions with human tissue and mice to see if raspberry ketones work in the same way.  The results were significant indicating that, for the most part, people lose the exact same amount of weight as capsaicin were shown to cause.

Do Raspberry Ketones Actually Generate Weight Loss?

Bowl of Raspberries Catherine Ulbricht, who works as a senior pharmacist at Massachusetts General Hospital, indicated that there is significant research on raspberry ketones, but their health effects are currently not well understood.  Her group is part of an organization who reviews different scientific evidence on the use of herbal supplements for health benefits.  There has been only a few preliminary studies looking at the use of raspberry ketones as a weight loss aid, and of these only one or two have been done on human subjects.  There have been several on mice which have shown significant benefits.  A recent study of mice fed a high-fat diet indicated that taking raspberry ketones as an extract help to prevent liver fat deposits, and reduced “belly fat” that surrounds various organs in the abdomen.

There is been other research which shows that raspberry ketones – if applied to the skin – can actually reduce the signs of aging.  A similar study to the above found that in a group of 15 people, daily applications of raspberry ketones improved skin elasticity and also generated new hair growth over approximately five months.  Research on mice and in some cultures inspired even further research, but for right now there has not been significant independent study of this phenomenon in humans.  Though there is strong signs this product will work well the US Department of Health indicates that the evidence thus far for raspberry ketone generated weight loss is not sufficient for universal recommendation.

Safety Analysis of Extract

The Food and Drug Administration has classified raspberry ketones as GRAS or “Generally Recognized as Safe” as a food additive starting in the 1960s.  GRAS status was measured if a person took in fewer than two mg of raspberry ketone extract daily.  Typically for weight loss people would take 500 to 1500 mg of raspberry ketones per day.  At this level is not thought to be much of a risk to the user, however, there are some considerations to keep in mind about this higher dosage use.  Catherine Ulbricht indicated that raspberry ketones may be linked to a reduction in blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of bleeding.

On account of this information, physicians recommend, as always, anyone who has a chronic health problem seek doctor recommendations before going on any weight loss regimen.  There is the potential for raspberry ketones to impact important medicines, such as those dealing with blood pressure, cholesterol or irregular heartbeats. More information is needed to fully verify raspberry ketones safety are all circumstances.

Fruit of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia – A Rapidly Growing, Popular Treatment for Weight Loss

Anytime a new diet comes out there is a ton of products that are also released that claim to work in the same manner. Yet if you know anything about the nutritional marketplace, then you are probably aware of how many retailers from market products that don’t contain the real ingredients but instead use fillers. If you want to find the best Garcinia Cambogia related supplements, this is going to be a difficult task because of how many fake products are out there.

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambogia?This particular extract has been around for centuries, but previously was only used in the natural fruit itself.  Whenever it’s grown to be a very method in recent years, the account of its demonstrated effectiveness in clinical trials.  Along the same lines, and appeared in a very notable television show, presented as the “Holy Grail of weight loss”.  This product actually works on its own, without needing to go on any sort of active diet or exercise program.  The actual extract is made from the rind of the fruit called tamarind, which is grown in parts of India.  The fruit Garcinia Cambogia is naturally quite high in antioxidants which helps you reduce your risk of disease, acts as an appetite suppressant, and as a result helps you to burn fat quickly.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Most people often see weight loss only source of products within only a day or so, because it’s able to control your appetite so well.  However, for many people who are taking products that are less than pure, and full of fillers, they will not see these sorts of results.  Once it starts burning your stored fat, which it does within only a few days of use, will also provide you with significant improvements in your energy.  The result is that you will have more energy, but at the same time have significantly less appetite, which is the perfect solution for the vast majority of dieters.

Even if you decide not to change other things in your life, shouldn’t be any problem to lose at least 10 pounds within the very first month of taking true and pure Garcinia Cambogia product.  There have been several studies which have verified the use of this simple extract in order to help people lose weight.  A substance is actually contained in this extract naturally, called hydroxycitric acid, which helps actually boost your metabolism and decrease your appetite.

Is Garcinia Use Daily Safe?

There have been numerous studies looking at just for Garcinia Cambogia does to your body.  Results have shown that there is effectively no side effects, or interactions with other medications or other diet products.  Since it’s not a stimulant directly, people will not get jittery and nervous if they were allergic to caffeine or have other reactions.  However it is important to not buy brands of Garcinia that contain things like guarana, or other stimulants which are hidden on the supplement facts.

Once the very first Garcinia products hit the shelves, they were always pure HCA.  This did not last very long, as the results people were getting quickly spread, which resulted in many competing products of lesser quality appearing.  There are many big brands at health food stores and nutritional supplements stores, or even major retailers and grocery stores.  However these do not contain 100% pure HCA.  They often contain at least some of the real ingredient, and of the some Garcinia Cambogia extract, but are often significantly less potent.  If you want the best possible results, you will need to use only pure Garcinia, and one that offers you good support to go along with your diet.