3 Simple Steps To Lose Weight – Based on Science

There are many ways out there to lose weight rapidly, but very few to do so both quickly and effectively. If you’re not made of stone, it will be extremely difficult to force your body to eat less, exercise more, and achieve this on your own. There are several key ways to help you achieve weight loss through natural changes, that are not going to cost you a lot in the way of hunger. It is difficult using crash diets to achieve real weight loss without being hungry the entire way. If you’re hungry when trying to lose weight, you will ultimately fail and gain much of it back when you try to revert to a diet you can maintain over a longer period.

Step 1 – Cutting Down on Starches and Sugars

The first step to any weight loss is to remove sugars and starches. These are sources of significant carbohydrates, which are turned into sugars in our body. This causes a boost in insulin production, which causes you to store more fat. Lower levels of insulin actually make it easier to burn fat that’s been stored in your body. It’s fairly common to lose around 10 pounds of fat within the first week or so of cutting out starches and sugars from your diet, typically lost through both water weight and stored fat. The graph below shows the difference between cutting fat, and cutting sugars/carbs out of your diet.

Low carb vs Low Fat

There are numerous reasons for this difference seen between the groups, however, once you start cutting carbs you aren’t necessarily impacting your hunger. You actually are just decreasing your sugar intake, insulin production and eating until you’re full. Groups trying to cut fat try to reduce calories overall, and oftentimes feel hunger as a result.


Step 2 – Eat Fat, Protein and Vegetables Regularly

For your meals during the day, with the exception of breakfast perhaps, it’s advisable to have one source with fat, one source with protein and a serving of vegetables as well. The protein and fat are sometimes coupled, for instance with a steak, but this allows you to construct a carbohydrate intake of 20 to 25 grams per day. Several studies have shown that diets high in protein actually help reduce your hunger and increase the feeling of your stomach “shrinking” when you are regularly eating less. That helps you to stick to your diet and achieve results. Low carb vegetables you can add to meet this requirement include things like kale, spinach, cauliflower, lettuce and cucumber.


Step 3 – Do Weight Training 3 Times Per Week

Weight TrainingWhile it’s true you don’t need to exercise to lose weight, it certainly helps a lot. You will generate better results if you’re also regularly exercising, particularly exercises that build muscle. Muscle helps oxygenate your blood, enabling for easier transport of stored fats to be consumed. It also increases your body’s metabolism. This helps combat a major problem with weight loss, where dieting actually slows down your metabolism typically.

It’s not necessary to count calories in order to lose weight. Simply by switching to a higher protein and lower carb diet, and adding some weight training to your routine, you can achieve significant weight loss over the long term. You can even switch back to carbs one a week, as long as you ensure you’re getting those carbs from a healthier source, such as rice, beans, or other vegetables.

Olives on Vine

How to Do the Mediterranean Diet Properly and Successfully

It doesn’t take much of a search to find a plethora of websites out there that make all kinds of claims about the Mediterranean diet, and its virtues for our health. It doesn’t take much to extoll the virtues of this program, and boy! they sure are virtues. Who doesn’t dream about moving to Italy, having their vineyard, eating olives freshly picked from their own trees during the midday summer sun. However, for the rest of us not blessed enough to live in this world, this diet purports to take the best parts of this lifestyle and concentrate them down for our own use without needing to leave our kitchens.

Natural Mediterranean FoodsThis diet actually originated from a period of time that British middle class people dreamed of retiring to their vineyards in Tuscany. Yet, this is hardly the reality we all get to enjoy. There are numerous studies, articles and reports that continue to surface about all of the fantastic benefits of a more Mediterranean diet, and this diet in fact is quite similar to the Paleo Diet. Dr. Oz touched on this recently as well, causing a huge spike in interest in this diet. It’s no surprise, a lot of the foods recommended on this diet such as kale, canola oil, chili powders and whole what pasta. Yet, how does this diet work and what are scientists saying about its use for weight loss?

The Down and Dirty on the Mediterranean Lifestyle

The foundation of this diet rests upon what people from the Mediterranean area eat, hence the name. The benefits promised by this diet, and supported by science, are things such as reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even Parkinson’s. This diet was designed after it was noticed by researchers that after the Second World War, the Italian/Greece region had some of the lowest risks of cardiovascular disease in the world, and one of the longest average life spans.

If you are like a lot of Americans, you probably wouldn’t think this is so. They do eat a lot of olive oil afterall, and pasta, and we all know that fats and carbohydrates are bad for us. We often think of things like moussaka from Greece we we think of food from this region. How can this be healthier for our bodies? The daily diet of someone from the Mediterranean actually isn’t just pasta, olive oil, and other less than healthy foods. They eat a lot of fruit, seafood freshly caught, whole grains, olive oil and lots of vegetables. As a result, they are much healthier the their other Western counterparts, with many vitamins and minerals like Omega-3 and good fats in their diet.

What exactly do you eat on the Mediterranean Diet

There are some major differences present between the Mediterranean diet and other similarly popular and common weight loss plans. Beyond the foods that are selected, and how they lowered the risk of illness and weight gain, there was also the finding that people who were on this diet typically also exercised and maintained health through daily fitness. This active lifestyle is also at least partially responsible for the great results that are seen with this method.  Even so, there are still some major things to consider on this program.  There are in fact some food selections that you simply must follow in order to be successful in losing weight.

Several major foods should be eaten on this diet. You want to eat a lot of vegetables, primarily those low in starches. This includes things like tomatoes, cucumbers, legumes of all types, kale and other ingredients. You want to avoid skipping breakfast as having at least a small roll or similar is common in the region. Meat should be lean cuts, such as fish or very lean beef, lamb, or other foods commonly found in this regimen. Eat fish at least twice per week for the best results. The fats you have in your diet should come from wholesome and natural places, nuts, olive oil, or avocados for example.

The heart of the Mediterranean Diet rests in its scientific support. It has a long history of providing outstanding results to users, but also, has been well studied for its benefits to an entire group of people who practice it daily. Its no surprise, given this, that the diet has grown to be so popular.

Fresh Cup of Green Tea

Daily Green Tea Drinking – An Effective Weight Loss Method?

Growing Green TeaGreen tea has been a popular staple for those looking to have a healthier diet for many years.  New evidence has demonstrated the use of green tea extracts, which are purified compounds taken directly from the leaves of the tea, are particularly effective for those seeking weight control and also help to regulate glucose production in diabetics.  Part of the goal in researching this has been to test the potential of the simple treatment.  Keimyung University School of Medicine recently conducted a study looking for just this.  They found several interesting compounds that are naturally in green tea which show great promise in this area.

There are several active compounds found in green tea, several of which have been demonstrated to inhibit lipid uptake and glucose levels in the intestines.  The major compound is a certain type of flavonoid known as gallated catechins.  The amount of these gallated catechins that are required to reduce glucose concentrations in the blood her and she achieved with only a single daily serving of green tea.  Yet the level of green tea necessary to decrease lipid uptake in the intestine is slightly higher, having been shown to be too high to feasibly get from green tea directly.  These gallated catechins actually were shown to increase insulin resistance, which is a negative consequence for diabetic patients.

Researchers in the study found that green tea extract on factors such as bodyweight or glucose tolerance in mice or diabetic mice were noteworthy.  Through the use of a non-toxic resin called polyethylene glycol, the mice who were fed a high-fat diet and significantly improved results from the normal extract.  This was thought to have prevented the uptake of gallated catechins at a level which would be harmful, which prevented problems in controlling lipid absorption. They then compared the results to the results often seen from two other drugs which are typically prescribed to people trying to lose weight, or to diabetic patients.

What This Says About the Use of Green Tea for Dieting

Green tea is known for providing energy and also antioxidants into the body, which helps keep a person healthy in ways ranging from reduction in cancer risk to helping them to shed pounds.  Yet, the results the study suggest that there are other benefits which we do not know about previously.  If a person is taking green tea extract along with polyethylene glycol, they saw significant drop in overall body mass, insulin resistance and improved tolerance for glucose, regardless of whether they had a high fat diet or a more diabetic diet.  The polyethylene glycol contained in the extract was found to have an impact on the amount of time the gallated catechins remained in the body, which as a result, limited the glucose absorption therein.

The effect of green tea extract was found to be of a measurable value just by drinking it daily, yet the results were significantly improved if taken as an extract instead.  In addition to this information, it was also found that the effects of green tea extract the body are comparable to the same results found if a person was taking two different drugs that are typically prescribed for non-insulin dependent diabetics.

It’s our conclusion from this information that the use of “green tea extract for dietary purposes and polyethylene glycol help to alleviate weight gain and insulin resistance in overweight and diabetic mice.” What this means is that green tea extracts have some preventative and therapeutic properties which can help with obesity-related illnesses as well as the risk of diabetes.  The side effects are still being studied but the use of polyethylene glycol significantly improves the extracts benefits and the behavior in patients.

A molecule of HCG

The HCG Diet Drops Method – An Effective Natural Hormone Treatment for Dieting

Yes, millions of people struggle with the effort to lose weight and live healthier lives every single year.  This isn’t a surprise to us that have tried.  Losing weight permanently is next to impossible, as your body actively fights against you all along the way.  There’s no easy one size fits all solution, but physicians and researchers have spent decades so far trying to tackle these important questions.  Dr. Simeons, a noted researcher in the 1960s, found that the HCG hormone, which is produced by women naturally every month, actually delivers huge results for dieters rather quickly after use.  The hCG diet plan has been used by literally tens of millions of dieters since that time, on average providing at least 1 pound of weight loss per day during phase 2 of the protocol.

How Does This Diet and The Hormone Work

The HCG diet is broken up into three distinct phases, each with a specific goal in mind.  HCG is taken daily, either through injections or through oral drops placed under the tongue.  HCG boosts the brain’s hypothalamus production, increasing metabolism and significantly decreasing appetite.  This is the only known substance to work in this way, this hormone delivers rapid fat loss through a unique mechanism, and it’s designed around rapid success.

HCG Rapid Success ProgramPhase one of the HCG protocol is the loading phase where a person eats foods high in fat and low in carbs for a period of two or three days.  During this period you’re taking the hormone each day as normal throughout the diet, however, you are eating foods that are high in fat.  These include things such as pork, beef, avocados, natural oils, vegetables, eggs, cheese, etc.  This helps free up the stored fat in your body, and allow it to be burned during the next phase.  Phase two of the protocol lasts up to 57 days on the modern method, and involves cutting calories to 500 to 700 calories per day.  This is typically not possible, but the hormone makes it so due to its unique metabolic and appetite effects.  This results in an average weight lose rate of around 5 pounds a week during this period.  No other things, like exercise or daily workout routines are required (though they are encouraged).

How To Choose Between Drops and Injections

There are benefits to both injections and HCG drops as part of the diet.  Taking the drops and placing them under your tongue is obviously easier to do than injecting yourself with specifically mixed product, however, it requires doing so several times per day, every single day.  Injections are given as little as 4 times per week.  Injections are also highly effective, requiring a slightly smaller dosage for the same results.  There are some downsides, however, such as cost, pain of administration and requiring a doctor’s prescription.

HCG drops do not typically require any prescription so long as they are premixed.  Mixing it yourself from purified powders will require one, but otherwise, they can be purchased over the counter.  Sadly, this has not meant that any drops based solution you buy is going to be the real thing (in fact, nearly all are not).  Many manufacturers out there are marketing “hormone-free” amino acid cocktails as if they were the real hormone.  Real hormone products are supplied as well, but are hard to locate.  One of the most well known is hcgplusdrops.com HCG plus drops, who have supplied their real hormone solution to hundreds of thousands of dieters thus far.  These are not the only products out there that are real, but they are indeed extremely rare.

Injections are a great choice, but are expensive (ranging from the mid $100 range to thousands per regimen) and painful.  HCG drops actually represent a really great alternative to this, which is why they’ve become so widely adopted in recent years.  For that reason, most people on this diet, have chosen to go the oral droplet route.

Avatar Raspberry

A Popular Treatment from Doctor Oz – Raspberry Ketones

Over 200 different molecules give raspberries their unique flavor, one of these being what’s known as the raspberry ketone.  This particular molecule was singled out decades ago given that has a particular odor.  Many things today that smell like raspberries such as candles, soaps or various candies likely use this molecule.  In recent years much public attention has been given to raspberry ketones, but for their weight loss properties instead.

The same molecule that’s found in raspberries is also found in cranberries or blackberries, known as the species Rosaceae Rubus Ideaus.  Red raspberries are formed in the United States, North America, Europe and Northern Africa.  Contains several other nutrients that are important such as vitamins A, E and C as well as beta-carotene.  Naturally there only trace amounts of raspberry ketones found in the fruit itself, typically the flavoring agents actually come from laboratory settings.

Scientists began noticing that raspberry ketones similar structure to capsaicin, this ingredient is found in chili peppers and has been linked in the past to weight loss.  Once this was discovered, researchers spent significant resources looking at his interactions with human tissue and mice to see if raspberry ketones work in the same way.  The results were significant indicating that, for the most part, people lose the exact same amount of weight as capsaicin were shown to cause.

Do Raspberry Ketones Actually Generate Weight Loss?

Bowl of Raspberries Catherine Ulbricht, who works as a senior pharmacist at Massachusetts General Hospital, indicated that there is significant research on raspberry ketones, but their health effects are currently not well understood.  Her group is part of an organization who reviews different scientific evidence on the use of herbal supplements for health benefits.  There has been only a few preliminary studies looking at the use of raspberry ketones as a weight loss aid, and of these only one or two have been done on human subjects.  There have been several on mice which have shown significant benefits.  A recent study of mice fed a high-fat diet indicated that taking raspberry ketones as an extract help to prevent liver fat deposits, and reduced “belly fat” that surrounds various organs in the abdomen.

There is been other research which shows that raspberry ketones – if applied to the skin – can actually reduce the signs of aging.  A similar study to the above found that in a group of 15 people, daily applications of raspberry ketones improved skin elasticity and also generated new hair growth over approximately five months.  Research on mice and in some cultures inspired even further research, but for right now there has not been significant independent study of this phenomenon in humans.  Though there is strong signs this product will work well the US Department of Health indicates that the evidence thus far for raspberry ketone generated weight loss is not sufficient for universal recommendation.

Safety Analysis of Extract

The Food and Drug Administration has classified raspberry ketones as GRAS or “Generally Recognized as Safe” as a food additive starting in the 1960s.  GRAS status was measured if a person took in fewer than two mg of raspberry ketone extract daily.  Typically for weight loss people would take 500 to 1500 mg of raspberry ketones per day.  At this level is not thought to be much of a risk to the user, however, there are some considerations to keep in mind about this higher dosage use.  Catherine Ulbricht indicated that raspberry ketones may be linked to a reduction in blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of bleeding.

On account of this information, physicians recommend, as always, anyone who has a chronic health problem seek doctor recommendations before going on any weight loss regimen.  There is the potential for raspberry ketones to impact important medicines, such as those dealing with blood pressure, cholesterol or irregular heartbeats. More information is needed to fully verify raspberry ketones safety are all circumstances.

Get Gym Lose Weight

Four Seriously Effective Ways to Take Control of Your Waistline

If like most people you’ve in the past experienced points where you need to lose weight quickly, whether going on vacation or to a social event or to a wedding.  If this has been you, there are some simple ways to lose five or maybe even 10 pounds within just a week.  Even though I’ve always been a true believer that trying to lose weight fast can be quite difficult on your body, there are certain ways to do so in a healthy manner.  These are tricks that your body will actually respond to and modify your weight as a result.

You need to remember that these are not going to be a list of long-term strategies designed to help you lose weight permanently, rather they are meant for short-term needs and should be used sparingly.  You always want to think about losing weight as a long-term goal, and not something to do as part of a crash diet frequently.  Having said that, we have accumulated for effective and easy ways for you to achieve this kind of rapid weight loss just in time for an event or social gathering.

Control Your Intake of Water

Four Weight Loss Tips for A Week of ChangeSo let’s start out with a very easy trick, controlling how much water you take in.  What difference is that you have a schedule on Saturday that requires you to go to an event, all of these tips will be based upon a weight loss from the Sunday previous.  The first thing you want to do on that Sunday is starting to drink water, 1 gallon or more per day.  This will cause you to go to the restroom often, but that’s precisely what it is designed to do.  You’re tricking your body into believing that you have an abundance of dietary water sources, say from fruits, and to increase your metabolism as a result.  Fruits and vegetables naturally increase your metabolism through their influence on your body chemistry.

After this you want to keep drinking this heavy amount of water, working her way up to 2 gallons per day, and then by Friday afternoon stop drinking water nearly entirely.  Your body will actually shed all the water weight you put on within as little as 24 hours.  This is a very temporary solution but is a really easy way to shed some fat quickly.

Changing Your Electrolyte Intake

**Note: It’s important to consult with a doctor before diving into modifying your body’s electrolyte balance**

Electrolytes are known to cause water retention, sodium and potassium being the biggest two culprits.  Starting the Sunday prior to the week of your diet, you need to increase your sodium intake.  This means that you put salt on everything, doing this all the way through Thursday.  Lastly on Thursday will lower your salt intake back to normal and then begin to increase your potassium intake.  Water retention is actually caused by sodium in our bodies, whereas potassium helps keep muscles functioning properly.  Mineral waters are a good additional source of sodium.


Control Your Carbohydrate Levels

Many people have probably heard that reducing your carbohydrate intake will help you to lose weight quickly.  Practically everyone is tried a new carb or low-carb weight loss method at some point, and are familiar with is how quickly you will lose weight doing so.  Your body will actually store carbohydrates as glycogen in your muscles and liver. It makes sense that the fewer carburetors you eat the less your body will be able to store glucose.  Once you begin your week on Sunday, you need to eat foods that are high in protein and fat loan carbohydrates.  Eating this only throughout the entire week until your planned event on the weekend.  Goal is to eat at least 1 g of protein for every pound of bodyweight.

Since you’re reducing the level carbohydrates read every day, going to have to supplement the loss of glucose energy through different proteins.  This process is known as: gluconeogenesis.  As always your gain of protein to support typical level protein synthesis you need, which is used in your brain and central nervous system, corridors are not necessary.

Start Cutting Out Your Stored Glyogen

On average people’s bodies will contain severely 500 grams of glycogen.  Every single gram of glycogen also store 3 g of water approximately.  Doing a little bit of math we figure out that the average person has about 5 pounds of additional weight tied up in the glycogen.  Once you deplete your glycogen stores it’s an easy way to lose five or so pounds the first week.  And yes this is definitely possible to do a single week’s time.  Firstly you’re going to have to commit to doing exercise daily with a high intensity, training every single muscle in your body.  This might sound like too much, but the reality is that losing weight in a single week is very difficult.

There is a difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises, this difference is critical for this to work.  Depleting the glycogen stores, requires incorporation of anaerobic exercise into your fitness schedule, which is typically not much of a deal breaker.

Fruit of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia – A Rapidly Growing, Popular Treatment for Weight Loss

Anytime a new diet comes out there is a ton of products that are also released that claim to work in the same manner. Yet if you know anything about the nutritional marketplace, then you are probably aware of how many retailers from market products that don’t contain the real ingredients but instead use fillers. If you want to find the best Garcinia Cambogia related supplements, this is going to be a difficult task because of how many fake products are out there.

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambogia?This particular extract has been around for centuries, but previously was only used in the natural fruit itself.  Whenever it’s grown to be a very method in recent years, the account of its demonstrated effectiveness in clinical trials.  Along the same lines, and appeared in a very notable television show, presented as the “Holy Grail of weight loss”.  This product actually works on its own, without needing to go on any sort of active diet or exercise program.  The actual extract is made from the rind of the fruit called tamarind, which is grown in parts of India.  The fruit Garcinia Cambogia is naturally quite high in antioxidants which helps you reduce your risk of disease, acts as an appetite suppressant, and as a result helps you to burn fat quickly.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Most people often see weight loss only source of products within only a day or so, because it’s able to control your appetite so well.  However, for many people who are taking products that are less than pure, and full of fillers, they will not see these sorts of results.  Once it starts burning your stored fat, which it does within only a few days of use, will also provide you with significant improvements in your energy.  The result is that you will have more energy, but at the same time have significantly less appetite, which is the perfect solution for the vast majority of dieters.

Even if you decide not to change other things in your life, shouldn’t be any problem to lose at least 10 pounds within the very first month of taking true and pure Garcinia Cambogia product.  There have been several studies which have verified the use of this simple extract in order to help people lose weight.  A substance is actually contained in this extract naturally, called hydroxycitric acid, which helps actually boost your metabolism and decrease your appetite.

Is Garcinia Use Daily Safe?

There have been numerous studies looking at just for Garcinia Cambogia does to your body.  Results have shown that there is effectively no side effects, or interactions with other medications or other diet products.  Since it’s not a stimulant directly, people will not get jittery and nervous if they were allergic to caffeine or have other reactions.  However it is important to not buy brands of Garcinia that contain things like guarana, or other stimulants which are hidden on the supplement facts.

Once the very first Garcinia products hit the shelves, they were always pure HCA.  This did not last very long, as the results people were getting quickly spread, which resulted in many competing products of lesser quality appearing.  There are many big brands at health food stores and nutritional supplements stores, or even major retailers and grocery stores.  However these do not contain 100% pure HCA.  They often contain at least some of the real ingredient, and of the some Garcinia Cambogia extract, but are often significantly less potent.  If you want the best possible results, you will need to use only pure Garcinia, and one that offers you good support to go along with your diet.

Healthy Meal Plan

Planning is the Essential Spice for Any Successful Weight Loss

People are always searching endlessly for that one magic pill or a potion that is going to make them lose all the weight they’ve ever wanted to lose.  What if someone told you that in reality, it’s not just one thing that’s holding up your weight loss?  There is one thing that can fix this issue for good, but it’s not going to be found at the bottom of a bottle or in a pill container.  The one thing that truly makes your weight loss goals is much “simpler”: planning.

Designing a Health Meal PlanNumber crunching or counting your calories can be quite frustrating.  Concentrating on designing healthy meals is what we should be concentrating on, not these accounting tasks.  The US Department of Agriculture has a pretty useful tool known as “MyPlate” which is designed to help people manage their food choices, and design a balanced meal with relative ease.  The design of this program asks you to fill up your plate half full with fruits or vegetables (or both), a quarter with whole grains, and the last quarter with lean meats (chicken breasts, fish, or lean beef).  This is a great way to get a “visual basis” for your meals, what foods you need to eat, and help the calories you need each day fall right into place.  You really don’t even have to count them, you just have to ensure that you’re eating the right portions.  This makes it a lot easier, and makes sure you’re getting proper nutrients your body needs.

It may take a bit of planning and some organization to fill up your plate with foods that are healthy, but you may be surprised when it winds up not taking much of your time to do so.  Sarah Bedwell is a noted dietitian who recently wrote a book on just how to do this, in as little as 30 minutes a week.  By planning out your meals ahead of time, throughout the week, you need to devote only around 30 minutes to the task and will see major transformation in your body.  Making a grocery list (around five minutes of time), designing a meal plan (maybe 10 minutes) and then prepare the food for the week (15 minutes).  The last step may be difficult to only do in 15 minutes, but it’s possible and even reasonable to design an entire week’s worth of meals, and cook them, in just an hour or so.  Once you do this for a few weeks, it will slowly evolve into a life long habit, one which you can take with you anywhere and easily maintain.

Designing a Meal Plan

There are a few thing that help keep your meal plan on target when you’re designing your meal plan for any weight loss or diet.

  • Take in Visual Cues – You want to make a visual “board” (like a calendar) of your meals throughout the week.  Somewhere easily accessible like a door or refrigerator.
  • Keep Looking Ahead – You always want to be aware of the things you have planned throughout the week.  Some days you may need more time to cook than others, and some days you may have to switch over to a frozen meal you prepared already.
  • If You Dine Out: Plan Ahead – Dining out is an important part of your social life, to be sure, however there are also risks of overeating.  Many people take this as a chance to “indulge” which can often result in feelings of guilt afterwards.  Avoiding this is very important.

A Good Strategy for Grocery Shopping

  • Getting Coupons Makes A Difference – Many people think that eating healthy can be expensive.  Fortunately this isn’t exactly true, and people can actually follow a healthier diet with relative ease on their wallet just by using manufacturer coupons.  There are many readily available out there.
  • Keep Track of Your Food Inventories – You want to check your refrigerator, your pantry and your freezer for all of the staples you need to make healthy foods often.  You want to be proactive with the foods you need to get from the store to prevent forgetting important things.
  • Eat Before Going Shopping for Groceries – If you shop when you’re hungry, this is one of the surest ways to buy foods that you really shouldn’t be eating.  Oftentimes people who shop when hungry will buy quick, accessible and high carb foods.  Have a snack at the very least before you go.

Prepping Your Weekly Meals

  • Try to Precook Your Meals – Taking time the weekend before to go through your meals and plan them out for the week can go a long way.  Many things like chicken, pasta and brown rice can be prepared in bulk quickly and then frozen for use throughout the week.
  • Do Preparation of Produce Early – You can help cut down on the time you spend prepping every meal throughout the week just by chopping and storing vegetables ahead of time.  If you prep your food for the next day the night before it makes you life a lot easier.
  • Freeze Foods for Later – If you’re running out of time and aren’t sure if you will have time to make food every day, or you find yourself not eating properly, the way to deal with this is to freeze foods and thaw them for meals later.  This helps you stay healthy and cuts down on the time you spend preparing meals.